Welcome to the Family

Our Mission
Cattle Mafia’s mission is to educate, advocate and promote the cattle industry, while protecting the family land in which our cattle are raised.  

Our Goal
The goal of Cattle Mafia is to create a family; an influential force, that will promote livestock and the livestock lifestyle and advocate for keeping family land in the family and in the production of cattle.

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A group of people all working together for one goal, usually of the same background or heritage.  It takes the whole family to make raising and showing of cattle a reality, everyone gets to help in some way or another.

A strong feeling of support or allegiance.  You definitely need strong feelings to support the family and kids showing cattle.  This is not an inexpensive lifestyle!

Giving of oneself for another, an offering.  The cattle business is a great example of unselfish acts, giving of time and finances.