This is Family Business

It all started behind the wheel on the way home from Crockett, Tx, just one of many shows Reed’s senior year with his beloved heifer Sugar.  Reed expressed his love and loyalty to the show cattle industry and crushed my dream of having a game warden in the family! The words he used stuck in my head…” Mom, I am so addicted to show cattle, it is like a family, everyone works and helps and has their role ya know….. well Mom.….it’s like the Mafia, but in a good way”.  I think I laughed so hard I nearly wrecked the truck but either way Cattle Mafia was born! 

In the beginning, we just wanted a way to continue to show and go to the shows and make some money with a cool name, logo and swag.  Cattle Mafia has evolved into something much bigger and we couldn’t be more excited!

Cattle Mafia is a livestock lifestyle company promoting Family, Loyalty, Sacrifice, show cattle and the American dream of raising cattle.  Oh and we are a cool apparel retailer too!

Services we offer:


Cattle Mafia branded clothing, caps and accessories.

Cattle counseling

We answer any questions you may have concerning show cattle or your first herd, including feeding practices, nutrition,  land quality and more.

Land Leasing Advice

Land leasing advice for both landowner and lessee. Counseling and planning for land owners who do not want to sell the land and how they can keep it in their control even after they have passed.

Cattle Services

Artificial Insemination, palpation, clipping, and fitting services by Reed Meeks co- owner of Cattle Mafia and owner of Lazy R Show Cattle.

And More

Speaking engagements, retail booth set ups, jackpot show administration, show clinics and educational days, etc.

Cattle Mafia Membership

Coming Soon! (Be Part of The Family) to include a gate sign and wearable merchandise!  We would also like to partner with other companies and resources to help The Family, so a corporate partnership will be available as well.

Who We Are... What We Do...



Natalie’s passion is to educate, advocate and promote all things agriculture, with a focus on the beef cattle industry. Not growing up in a farm or ranch family, she has earned it all by herself you could say, even her ag teacher thought she was crazy, telling her it would never happen. Natalie went to SHSU knowing she would be an ag teacher and never letting anyone tell her different. While at Sam Houston, she was fortunate enough to be one of the 12 founding members of the SHSU Beef Cattle Show Team, even designed the buckle, an ag ambassador, collegiate FFA, Block and Bridle and attended many state and national conventions where she recruited for Sam even through her graduate assistantship. Natalie was the first female pullet supervisor for Sanderson Farms in Bryan, Tx at 21 years old, first female one teacher ag department at Evadale High School at 23, has published videos and lessons in the Conservation Across Boundaries education program for science and ag teachers at 24, and many awards and accolades during her years of teaching. Natalie has had her own retail business of some kind since she was about 15 and has been an insurance professional for almost 18 years now and a master florist for 20. Her education, speaking and sales background make her the perfect Voice for Cattle Mafia.


Reed’s passion for show cattle and kids has developed into his own show cattle company( Lazy R Show Cattle) in which he is breeding, raising, and selling quality show calves for the next generation. He can be found clipping, fitting, teaching and sharing his passion at jackpots, state and national shows. Reed is an exceptional young man with a huge heart for kids and teaching them how to show and treat their animals correctly. He is always willing to lend a hand no matter how big or small!

Jason Meeks

Logo Master/Design/Logistics
Husband of Natalie
Father of Reed and Roane



Design and Logistics


Ryann Murphy

Marketing Staff


Everyone's Boss



The New Boss Baby